Turning Your Smart Phone Into a Dash Cam For Your Car

Dash Cams are not only an uber cool accessory for your car but serve a much greater purpose in case of mishaps, where the video footage can be used as first-hand prima facie evidence. But why waste money on buying a new dash cam when you can turn your 5.6″ screen smartphone into one? Nowadays with the advancement of technology and apps that can pretty much do everything under the sun, why should a dash cam app for your smartphone be far behind?

If you are an iOS user, you get a limited choice wherein your best bet for the free version is CamOnRoad. For the Android users, the choices are aplenty. The Android users can choose from Daily Roads Voyager, AutoDashCam and CaroO, to name just a few. CamOnRoad is also available on Android. Among these apps, we, at The Urban Crusader have tried and tested the CaroO app, which seems like a brilliant replacement for your dash cam. It not only records the live videos from your car dashboard but at the same time, it can give the details of your car’s vital stats, provided you have an OBD installed previously.

The CaroO App

The videos are all recorded and stored in a separate folder for your convenience. In your leisure time, you can just surf through the videos and erase the ones which do not serve your purpose. It is highly important for one to get acquainted with the app before hitting the gas, as you do not want to be meddling with your phone while driving.

All you need now is a mobile phone holder in your car and a USB charger (as continuous recording will tend to sap out your mobile battery) and you are ready to go!! Enjoy your new dash cam experience!!

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