Top 5 Exercises For Big Biceps

Who does not like to work on their arms and show off their big guns? A big bulging bicep is the easiest thing to show off and impress quite a lot of girls!! Well, developed biceps not only do your confidence a world of good and make you look uber fit but also act as your silent personal advertisement promotion advocating the hours you spend sweating it out at the gym. So, in this article, we will have a look at the Top 5 Biceps Workout that will help you get Bigger Guns.

1. Barbell Curls With EZ Curl Bar

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Barbell Curls have been around since eternity and there is a good reason why. Barbell Curls are one of the most effective exercises for developing good bicep size and shape. Doing the curls with an EZ Bar increases its efficiency manifold by taking the tension off the wrist and focusing mainly on the biceps.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curls

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Incline Dumbbell Curls are a variation of the seated dumbbell curls. The incline variation is more effective as it rules out the involvement of the body cheats while lifting the dumbells. Also, the angle of incline, approximately 45 degrees, makes it that much more effective while lifting.

3. Spider Barbell Curls


Spider Barbell Curls are another very effective exercise that helps in the elimination of body cheats and focuses more on the biceps. With the body rested on an incline, the pressure falls exclusively on the biceps.

4. Preacher Curls


Preacher Curls are another great exercise for building those bulging biceps. Resting the elbows on the preacher bench and performing the curls with an EZ bar also eliminate the body cheats and focus extensively on building strong bicep muscles.

5. Hammer Dumbbell Curls

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Hammer Curls are the best exercise for developing the bicep peak and sporting that top form look. For best results, don’t raise your elbows while performing Hammer Curls because if the elbows move forward, then the focus shifts more towards the deltoid region.

As an end note to this article for building those big guns, always remember to perform the repetitions of these exercises slowly. Do not rush through the movement as it becomes futile. At the end of each movement when the biceps are at the point of muscular tension, make it a point to squeeze them while performing the repetition. This enhances the effect manifold and helps you in achieving that Big Biceps look quickly.



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