Top 10 Hilarious Ads That Will Crack You Up

Advertisements are a spectacular way of attracting new customers. But, some companies take it a notch up and make ads that not only appeal to the customer but manages to put a big smile on their face. In this article, we, at The Urban Crusader, will look at the Top 10 Most Hilarious Ads of all time.

1. Look. Don’t Touch


2. The Fumble


3. The Acoustics Test


4. Sinking


5. How Hospitality works!!


6. A Hole in One 


7. The Way Of The Monks


8. Hammering It Out


9. The Perfect Gift


10. How can a list be complete without a Fevicol Ad?



Ritam Ganguly

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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