Sex Positions That Will Make You Crave For More

Sex can be a wonderful thing for both a man and a woman. It is not only immensely pleasurable but also helps our body relax and cope with pain due to the release of endorphin hormones. Thus, sex is indeed what the doctor ordered for a healthy and long life. But, the same kind of sex day in and day out can be boring after a point of time, wherein the advances of the other seem rote down from a textbook – mechanical and unimaginative. For these kinds of situations, our team at The Urban Crusader have listed down the Top 5 sex positions that you can try with your partner and experience the joy of love making like never before.

1. The Lotus

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In this sex position, the male partner should be sitting on the bed with his legs outstretched and the woman should sit on top of him. The man then pulls the woman closer using his legs as they now embrace in an intimate hug, thus justifying the name. This is one of the most sensual positions to try out as the man can have good access to your breasts and every now and then, you can whisper something naughty in his ear to make him go wild!!

Difficulty Level: 2/5


2. The Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry. The name itself is so erotic that it makes the mind go haywire with sensual images. For this sex position, make your lady love sit atop a washing machine with her legs open for you. As soon as you enter her from the front, she wraps her legs around you and pulls you closer. This angle of penetration will give both of you an experience beyond words. To add another level of erotica, just switch the machine on while having sex. The vibrations will make the both of you crave for more. If the washing machine is not accessible or if you don’t own one, you can always use this position while sitting on a table. It does not take away even a bit of the pleasure.

Difficulty Level: 2/5


3. The Reverse Cow Girl

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The Reverse Cow Girl entails the man to lie down on his back with the woman getting on top of him and sitting with knees bent and striking a comfortable pose together. This pose allows the girl to enjoy both the speed and the depth of the penetration and gives the man enough time to fondle with his lady love in just the right places.

Difficulty Level: 3/5


4. The Ape 

Source: Kinkly

The Ape is a bit of an unorthodox position to have sex in, but, once you both master it, you would not want to try anything else. In this position, the man has to lie down on his back with his knees bent to his chest and legs raised at a slight angle. Then, the woman positions herself in a backward facing direction and leans on his legs for support. In this position, the penetration hits the front wall of the vagina and gives an incredible sensation.

Difficulty Level: 4/5


5. The Plough

Source: Kinkly

The Plough is one of those sex positions where the man gets to show off his masculinity. In this position, the woman has to lie on the bed face down with her hips on the very edge and her legs hanging off the bed. Then, as your man enters between your legs and starts to lift you up by your hips and enters you from behind, support yourself on your elbows. This position has the potential to hit all the right chords if you know what we mean.

Difficulty Level: 3/5


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