Love Triangles – An Overview

Love is one of the simplest yet most complex feelings humans go through in their lifetime. The purpose of this oxymoronic definition of love is to gauge the effects it has on humanity. Love saves. Love kills. Love makes people go haywire. Yet, we cannot, even in our wildest dreams, dream about living in a world devoid of love. Herein lies the essence of love.

But, enough about love. In this article, we will talk about love triangles. Since time immemorial, films have acquainted us with this term. The unfortunate ones among us have had the misfortune of getting entangled into one and the slightly fortunate ones have had the amusement by watching them from a safe distance. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the basic types of Love Triangles that exist.

1. The Equilateral Love Triangle

As the name suggests, all the three people involved love one another equally. There is no dearth of feelings in this type of relationship and each one receives what they give. It is a win-win love triangle for all the three involved. But this scenario is idealistic in nature and occurs quite rarely in the natural order of things.

2. The Isosceles Love Triangle

This type of love triangle involves the idolization of one person, A, by two other people, B and C, who are usually of the opposite sex to the idolized individual. A, the object of their reverence receives an excessive overdose of love and admiration from B and C, while they are themselves content whenever their object of idolization acknowledges their existence. This type of relationship usually has no future and more often than not ends with serious heartbreaks.

3. The Scalene Love Triangle

This type of love triangle is the most commonly occurring by nature. Unequal distribution of love is the quintessential essence of any Scalene Love Triangle. Herein two people are closer to each other than a third person who finds himself to be ‘Kebab Me Haddi Zoned’ for eternity. This type of relationship has disastrous outcomes for the third person involved. No good ever comes from it. Never.

So, these are basically the top three types of love triangles one will encounter. There may be variations to these, but the major premise shall always remain the same. On a lighter note, if not helping you with your relationship hazards, we hope this article will at least help you clear some basic Math doubts.

Ritam Ganguly

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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