How To Pick The Puppy That Is Right For You

Congratulations. If you are reading this article, it means that you have already made up your mind about what breed of puppy you want to bring home. If you are still at crossroads regarding what breed is right for your home, do take our quiz, to help you come to a correct decision.

One thing you should always remember before going and buying or adopting a puppy is that they are a big responsibility. You should be prepared to take that responsibility. Only if you are prepared, should you go ahead and get a puppy for your home.

Here is a list of things that will help you in choosing the right puppy for your home.

1. Avoid Pet Stores

Avoid buying your puppy from any pet store. These puppies seldom experience normal social interactions and thus are not good candidates for your home. Always prefer esteemed breeders who have been in the trade for a long time.

2. The Mother Plays a Huge Role

Even though the sire or father may be a champion, it is actually the genes of the mother or the dam, which plays a pivotal role in how the puppies are going to be when they grow up. So make it a point to always see the mother before coming to a decision of buying a puppy. It is best to get your pup from a bitch’s second or third litter as it would be much more stable.

3. Inspect the Litter as a Whole

Make it a point to inspect the litter as a whole and ascertain the social hierarchy. Follow the movements of each puppy very carefully. The pup which jumps up on others and chases down others is the bully or the head of the social hierarchy. It is best not to choose him if you yourself are not that dominant. Then there come the pups who are scared and try to hide in a corner. They are the timid ones. Again, it is best to avoid them as they require a lot of cajoling in order to fully trust others. Also, make it a point to avoid any pup which is too defensive or aggressive. The best pups are the ones who will be interested in you when you come near them and then they will go about doing what they were previously doing. They are the easy going pups. They are the best suited for a family. If trained in a proper manner, these pups grow up to be independent and courageous dogs with lots of character.

4. Explore all your Options

Don’t settle and buy your pup from the very first litter that you see. Instead, try to look at a minimum of 3-4 different litters before coming on to a conclusion regarding which pup to get for your home.

5. Inspect Closely

Once you have chosen your pup, inspect his eyes, nose and ears closely. The eyes should be transparent. The nose should be wet to the touch and his ears and gums should be clean.

If the puppy is healthy, you are now ready to bring it to its new home.

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