How To Impress A Girl Over Text Messages or Whatsapp

In today’s day and age, texting aka Whatsapping is one of the major modes of informal communication. Although it does serve very well in fixing impromptu plans or just checking up on friends, building rapport with someone you don’t know very well over Whatsapp is a different ball game altogether.

In this article, we, at The Urban Crusader will shed some light on how to impress a girl you like over text messages.

First Things First

One thing that you should always remember is that text messages should be used as a ladder to achieve higher forms of communication like phone calls and meeting each other. Using only text messages as the mode of communication will serve as a major road block down the way because there is only so much that it can achieve. So, your main aim must be to engage her in meaningful conversations through texting and making her laugh with some of your uncanny humor once in a while, and in the process, build a rapport with her and move to a higher form of communication, i.e. calling her.

What To Text

Texting is sort of a 2D form of communication in a 3D world. It is very impersonal as the person you are talking with does not get to hear your voice or see your facial expressions. Thus, what you text her assumes a position of paramount importance. Never discuss very serious issues. Always keep things light while texting and use the smileys diligently so as to reinforce the light tone of your message.

Wrong Form of Texting: I thought what the teacher taught in class today was greatly interesting.

The main problem with this form of texting is that it is very boring. This form of messaging greatly fails in capturing the attention of the person that you intend to attract. It fails to engage your target person in a conversation as the message is in a form of a statement.

The Correct Way: Great class today!! ^_^  Did you get the last part about the Big Bang Theory?

In this form of texting, you are not only coming across as cool, also, you are engaging the other person in a conversation by asking her a valid question – this question is the hidden lead of the conversation. Depending upon her answer to your question, you can shape the conversation and start building rapport with her.

When To Text

Evenings are, without doubt, the best time to text someone. Usually, most people are busy during the day with their daily activities. And you should avoid texting some one you don’t know that well at night unless you want to come across as a creep. Evenings are the best time to send that first text. It gives plenty of time to start up a nice conversation with your crush that can go on into the night. Exceptions are always there as there might be people who attend evening college. It is best if you have a little insight into the person’s daily activities so that you can personalize the time of sending the text messages.

What Not To Do

Don’t be overly persistent. It is a huge turn-off. Don’t double text if you did not get a reply to your first text. Wait for a few hours at least before sending her another text. If your second text also goes unnoticed, get the hint and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Don’t wait intentionally before replying to a text. If a girl is replying to you promptly, you should also do the same. Never keep her waiting as it will convey to her that you are simply not that interested in her. If you are going to be genuinely busy, tell it to her beforehand and hit a reply to her as soon as you are free. On the other hand, if the girl comes across as someone who likes to play games, vary your response times. This varies from girl to girl and is never constant. Don’t promptly reply to texts that you are receiving after waiting for 15-20 minutes on a constant basis. Vary your response times by at least half the duration that she takes for replying. For example, if the girl is constantly taking 20 minutes to reply to your text message, you should wait at least 10 minutes before replying back to her. For such cases, it is usually a hit or miss scenario. Don’t take it to heart if you miss and move on to the next beautiful girl that catches your eye.

Happy Texting!!

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