How to Combat with Those Ticks on Your Dog

Tick ​​bites are a painful topic for dog owners. A few things should be taken into consideration in order to avoid the introduction of additional pathogens into the body of the animal. Some preparations for the prevention of bites are also on the market.

If you find a tick with your dog, you can turn it out with the help of specific method. The veterinarian can show dog owners the right technique.

When turning out is important not to squeeze the body of the tick, advises the animal rights organization, PETA. Otherwise, the tick may empty its salivary gland. In saliva there are sometimes life-threatening pathogens. These can also transmit ticks to the dog during sucking.

Dog owners can also protect their animals against ticks, such as so-called spot-on preparations, special oils or sprays. The veterinarian also helps in choosing the right precautionary method.

We have found this video to be extremely helpful in making one learn how to remove ticks from the dog. Check it out.



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