Cooking and baking without eggs!

In many recipes and baking instructions eggs are in the list of ingredients. But there are enough alternatives. We advise the following:

– Starch or soy meal: A tablespoon of flour replaces an egg. The flour is stirred with water and is suitable for cakes and pastries. However, one can especially taste soy flour after baking.

– Ripe banana: Half a fruit corresponds to an egg. The banana comes crushed under the cake and tastes only lightly.

– Apple sauce: apple sauce suits very well with muffins and moist dough. The apple taste is almost completely lost during baking. 80 grams of apple sauce correspond to an egg.

– Seidentofu: About 60 grams of tofu, creamy stirred or pureed, replace an egg. The tofu is suitable for both hearty and sweet dishes.

– Tomato: about one tablespoon replaces an egg. The paste is suitable, for example, for vegetarian burgers as binders.

Mayonnaise without egg

The classic mayonnaise does not come without fresh yolk. However, if you want to do without the animal ingredient, you can use a vegan alternative, explains the vegetarian.

Ingredients for two portions:

20 ml unsweetened soy milk,

6 g mustard,

80 ml of neutral rapeseed oil,



4 ml of lime juice,

4 ml agave syrup,

4 ml of vinegar


1. Add soy milk and mustard to a blender or mix with a powerful blender. Add rapeseed oil in several passes and continue mixing until the consistency of mayonnaise is similar.

2. Season with salt, pepper, lime and agave syrup and vinegar.


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