Are You A Perfectionist? Read More To Find Out

Do you constantly get hailed as your group’s perfectionist? Does that pen lying on the table at a slightly crooked angle bother you? So, the million dollar question is: Are You a Perfectionist? See the pictures below to find out.



Do one or more of these pictures really bother you? Do they make you cringe even an itsy bitsy bit?


What about the pictures below?




Do these pictures make you a little happy inside?

If any one or more of the first group of pictures makes you cringe and the pictures from the second group make you even a little bit content, then, you are definitely a Perfectionist!!

Being a Perfectionist is not at all bad. It just means you strive just a little bit more than others in order to not only get a job done but done Perfectly!! Your desire for order and organization is quite commendable. Just take care not to be too much critical of others or your own self. A healthy dose of perfectionism is the ideal way forward.

Ritam Ganguly

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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