All You Need To Know About The G-Spot

The G-spot or the Gräfenberg spot is an erogenous area of the vagina that when stimulated, leads to powerful and long lasting orgasms. The G-spot has eluded many a man and woman who have desperately tried “searching” for it but in vain. In this article, we, at The Urban Crusader will shed some light on how to find the G-spot and how to arouse your partner or yourself with its help.

The G-spot is located about one to three inches from the opening of the vagina. It is shaped like a coin but gets bigger in size when aroused.

Source: Tantric Awakening

Now the more important question that arises is how to find the elusive G-spot. The first and foremost point to remember is that you and your partner should both always keep things light and playful during this exercise. Never ever try doing this on your first or second time in bed. NEVER. Foreplay is a must as your partner should be wet down there. Always use clean hands and have your nails cut down as you are going to venture into very sensitive territory. In order to locate the erogenous area, lying down is the best pose to be in. With your partner lying down on her back, slowly insert your finger into her vagina with your palm facing up and do a “come hither movement” with your finger.

If you feel a small spongy button like structure, then you have just found your way into the world of unlimited orgasmic pleasures!! At first, it may not arouse her immediately. Try varying your strokes using circular motions and slowly pressing the spot. Observe your partner’s expressions throughout the whole process and concentrate on the moves that work the best on her.

Don’t expect to find the G-spot on your first try. It might take a few sessions to locate it successfully and then a few more sessions to learn how your partner loves to be caressed down there. Ultimately it is all about learning more about your partner’s body and loving her even more in the process.

Have an Orgasmic time!!!!


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